Potential Sponsors

2020 marks our 27th year of service to the Overtown Community, and throughout this time our goals have been to promote self- confidence, leadership skills and to instill positive values in our youth; a cause we are devoted to. We offer a range of sports programs such as football, cheerleading, basketball, travel basketball, track, baseball and mentorship year-round to children ages 5 to 18. Our mission is to enrich, empower, and develop leaders in the Overtown and neighboring communities.

Over the years, we have maintained a successful program however; each year we are faced with the challenges of financial shortfalls that impedes the progress of our goals to serve the youth of our community. With all the negative influences surrounding the Overtown community, our program is one of the few positive outlets for our children.

On behalf of the Overtown Optimist Club, Inc. and the entire Overtown community, we would like to extend aninvitation for you and your organization to be a part of transforming our youth into tomorrow’s leaders. It isorganizations and individuals like you that create the foundation for organizations like ours to make a difference in the community.

We accept donation of any size, but you can select one of the level of sponsorships listed below.

Type of Sponsorship Contribution

Our offers to you

Platinum Corporate Sponsor

$100,000 AND UP

Company Banner on Site Name on Donor Wall Company Logo on Club Banner
Multi-Round Website and Social Media Acknowledgement 10x15 Recognition

Event/Game Promotion & Promo Gear

Gold Corporate Sponsor

$50,000- $99,999

Company Logo on Club Banner
Year-Round Website and Social Media Acknowledgement 9x13 Recognition
Event/Game Promotion &Promo Gear

Silver Corporate Sponsor

$10,000- $49,999

5x7 Recognition Plaque
Year-Round Website and Social Media Acknowledgement Event/Game Promotion & Promo Gear

Bronze Corporate Sponsor

$1000- $9,999

Website and Social Media Acknowledgement Event/Game Promotion



$0- $1000

Letter of Appreciation

Make checks payable to: Overtown Optimist Club, Inc. Mailing address: P.O Box 12895, Miami, FL 33101


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